5 Tips for a Smooth Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Rental

Fort Lauderdale party boat rental in progress

Looking for a great time while traveling? Want to set aboard the high seas with a group of your closest friends? Look no further than a Fort Lauderdale party boat rental.

And having fun in the sun doesn’t have to be hard. Here are five quick and easy tips for ensuring that the rental process goes over smoothly.

1. Due Diligence: Rent from a Pro

There are several important factors to consider when renting a party boat: cost, size of the ship, time out on the water… The one factor you don’t want to slouch on is the companies certifications.

It’s important that the ship is in good condition, is legal to sail, and has enough safety equipment (life preservers and life rafts) to meet your numbers and the crews.

After all, you wouldn’t want a Titanic-like accident happening as a result of the rental boat not coming equipped with these essentials.

2. Get a Sea-Worthy Captain

It’s no surprise that when you’re out at sea, you need someone who promotes the fun, while also ensuring everyone gets back to land safely.

That’s why we’ve wrangled several captains to aid our partiers in their traveling experience. Each of these experienced captains brings vast amounts of experience (and not just at partying).

Of course you can bring your own, if you prefer. It’s important they meet a list of criteria before you hire them, including:

  • Experienced Mariner credentials: 100 ton Master Captain
  • A current CPR certification
  • A resume of experience
  • Proof of insurance covering themselves and all patrons aboard the ship

If your captain can’t muster these necessities, look elsewhere. Their job is to mitigate danger and emergencies, ensuring you and your partygoers are safe and having fun.

3. Know Your Destinations

It’s important to tell your captain what you expect out of the boating experience. Do you want to go bar hopping? What about sand-bar hopping, for some swim-time?

Focused on dancing out at sea? Or are you hoping to see a beautiful sunset? Letting your captain know upfront ensures that you’ll get the experience you desire.

4. Bring the Rations and Necessities

Food and beverages are essential to recreational boating. Your rental company may offer amenities, or you can bring your own.

Many allow you to bring alcohol, even glass. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Before you leave, ensure that you take all your gear with you and any garbage has been disposed of properly.

5. Reserve and Arrive Early

To ensure you get the boat that matches your party size and your budget, it’s best to reserve early. Expect to pay a deposit to hold your rental.

And once the day comes, make sure you and your party arrive prior to your departure time. This will allow your captain to get to know you, share a bit about what you want out of the evening, and load up any supplies you brought.

It also guarantees that you get your maximum amount of time out at sea.

Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Rentals

Now you know the key tips and tricks for ensuring your party boat rental doesn’t wind up a bust. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the sun and surf and get a Fort Lauderdale party boat rental! 

If you have any questions about pricing, rental hours, and more, we can help. Book yours today.

4 hours
Group Size
Up to 12

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Welcome to the home of the original Fort Lauderdale bachelorette party cruise! We want your party to be as unique as you are. That's why we have designed the perfect boat tour for bachelorette parties.

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You choose the time of day and how much time you would like with the boat. Our Fort Lauderdale boat tours are available for two, three, four, six, or eight hours. Your party can be a relaxing beach day, a late-night sunset party, a fun-filled day of shenanigans, or all three! The Fort Lauderdale beach area is the perfect destination for a memorable bachelorette weekend.

Pricing Overview:

2 hour: $450 (Boat fees $350 Captain Fee's $100)
3 hour: $600 (Boat fees $450 Captain Fee's $150)
4 hour: $750 (Boat fees $550 Captain Fee's $200)
6 hour: $975 (Boat fees $675 Captain Fee's $300)
8 hour: $1150 (Boat fees $750 Captain Fee's $400)