Your Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Party Boat Trip

Coming up with new party boat ideas

There is something both luxurious and adventurous about setting sail on the open sea. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the calming sound of the ocean are even good for your mental health

There’s no better way to celebrate a significant achievement than with a party boat trip. Marriages, graduations, bachelor parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations can easily lend themselves to a nautical theme. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the party boat ideas below. 

Finding The Right Party Boat

Before renting a boat, make a guest list. How many people will be aboard the party boat? This determines what size boat you need. 

Most states require anyone operating a boat to pass a boating safety course first. Additionally, make sure to ask the business you rent from about any specific local regulations to follow before leaving the dock.

If you don’t know anyone qualified to rent a boat, look into booking a boat tour. A local captain will navigate the waterways, making it much less stressful for you. You and your guests can focus on having a good time.

Planning The Essentials

One of the most important things to pack for a party boat is water. A day in the sun can be deadly if partygoers aren’t hydrated. Speaking of the sun — don’t forget the sunscreen. Skin cancer is a real threat as well. 

Make sure to pack plenty of food for your guests. A barbecue is easy to hold on a boat and works perfectly with the ambiance. If you’re planning a party with fishing, you could even cook your own meals. 

Don’t forget to pack speakers so you can blast your own music on the water. 

Party Boat Ideas For Activities

If most of the partygoers are great swimmers, consider planning some watersports for the day. Things like tubing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding are all possible with a boat and a bit of equipment. Make sure to look for boat rental companies that offer what you’ll need so you don’t have to purchase it yourself.

Of course, swimming is one of the easiest activities to do on a party boat. Jumping and diving off the side of the boat is fun, but consider picking up some extra materials like snorkeling masks or floaties. 

For adults, a booze cruise boat tour requires far less responsibility than renting your own boat. You could make the tour your own by setting a theme for the party — like a Greek toga or pirate theme.

Preparing For The Party

These party boat ideas require a bit of pre-planning. The most important items to bring are food and water for all your guests. Planning a boat party can get stressful, so consider booking a boat tour with its own captain to decrease your burden.

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